Relationship Coaching Tips for Couples

We live in a world of pressure and distraction. Every day we face frustrations at work and the challenges of our personal lives. Dealing with anxiety, it’s easy to start taking your relationship with your spouse or significant other for granted. The result can be relationship problems — a growing emptiness between you, or even increasing conflict. Manage Yourself First by choosing to improve and maintain a positive connection with your life partner.

Consider these relationship coaching tips:

  • Set aside time to be together and talk each day, whether it’s conversation on a date out, or a chat as you make dinner or clean the kitchen. Stay connected by making space for conversation.
  • Express appreciation and gratitude often. How many times and ways can you say ‘thank you’ in a day? Notice what happens when you express gratitude for small, simple, everyday things that your partner says or does.
  • Touch each other often, whether it is a hand on the back, a neck rub, or a comfortable hug. Touch is a powerful way to stay connected.
  • Remember to say ‘I love you’ in words and in as many other ways as you can imagine. Back up those loving words with loving acts of kindness and appreciation.
  • Stress in your professional life can cause relationship issues or make it difficult to manage anxiety and frustration. If you feel like lashing out, take a time out instead. Calm down. Find a way to approach your partner with a request rather than blame. Take responsibility for your part of the disagreement.
  • Conscious, daily attention to your life partner strengthens your bond. Pick one of these tips. Practice it every day for a month. See how practicing these tips can improve your personal relationship.

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