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Business Coaching

As your personal business coach, I will become your trusted advisor, serving as a sounding board and your guide to establishing constructive relationships that lead to professional development. Through a tailored approach, we will focus inward to explore the potential to reach your goals.

Stress Management

Stress in the workplace can have far-reaching consequences. Employees cite frustration, anger, poor health, and a lack of productivity as a result of dealing with stressful issues on the job. Ready for relief? As your trusted advisor, I offer a positive, supportive approach and practical feedback to help you explore new options and improve your work/life balance.

Life Coaching

We all strive for a sense of well-being in our lives. Sometimes when life changes quickly, we feel off balance. As your life coach, I provide the quiet time and private space for you to confidentially discuss your current goals, challenges or areas of concern. Coaching helps you connect with the life you want.


Psychotherapy is a positive approach to managing the deep emotional pain and stress that disrupt our lives. Together we’ll change your way of thinking to reinforce positive self-esteem and self-care. My goal is to help you identify and build on your strengths, work through negative feelings and establish a sense of well being as you experience life-changing events.

Business Coach Ruth Tallakson

Dr. Ruth H. Tallakson

Providing psychotherapy, coaching and consulting for over 20 years, empowering people to tap into their strengths and actualize their goals.

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