Respectful and Supportive Style

With a respectful and supportive style, I will help you move forward, sorting out personal or professional issues, and building next-level goals. As we talk, I listen to you attentively, with my focus on you and your positive development—your comfort, your concerns, your pace. No imposed expectations, no strict programs.

Education & Experience

Holding a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and an MA in Industrial Relations, I am able to bring a broad background to our work together.  My experience includes:

  • 20+ years as a psychotherapist and corporate consultant
  • 10+ years of corporate business experience
  • 20+ years as a small business owner
  • 10+ years as a personal business coach and life coach

Business Coaching

One-On-One Business Coaching Focused On Your Business Challenges

The role of a manager is always challenging. In turbulent times, especially, the pressure is constant, and a good leader needs to be smart, assertive and flexible to manage the transitions and complex circumstances of the workplace.

Private coaching helps you unwind your business challenges and position strategies to reach your vision and objectives. Directors, managers, supervisors and other organizational leaders may confidentially relate their hurdles, gain resources for next-step plans and problem-solve.

As your business coach, I will become your trusted advisor, serving as a sounding board and a guide to establishing constructive relationships that lead to professional development. Through a tailored approach, we will focus inward to explore the potential to reach your goals.

Stress Management

Develop Stress Management Techniques To Deal With Anxiety

Stress in the workplace can have far-reaching consequences. Employees cite frustration, anger, poor health, and a lack of productivity as a result of dealing with stressful issues on the job. Employers report absenteeism, turnover and high medical costs due to sickness and other health issues associated with work anxiety.

Stress on the job can surface for many reasons: feelings of being overworked or undervalued; performance appraisals; complex projects; presentations; difficult co-workers, or demanding managers.

We can work towards developing stress management techniques to deal with stress and anxiety. You’ll identify the factors causing you stress, look for ways to resolve the problem and implement a solution. You’ll create healthier habits and learn to change the circumstances that lead to stress.

Ready for relief? I offer a positive, supportive approach and practical feedback to help you explore new options and improve your work/life balance.


Identify Your Strengths To Achieve Harmony And Balance

Psychotherapy is a positive approach to managing the deep emotional pain and stress that disrupt our lives. Experiences such as loss, personal crises, anxiety, abuse or grief can be debilitating, leaving us feeling powerless, angry, anxious or depressed. However, life’s challenges and losses can also produce opportunities for growth, even through times of sorrow and despair. My goal is to help you identify and build on your strengths, work through negative feelings and establish a sense of well being as you experience life-changing events.

Together we’ll change your way of thinking to reinforce positive self-esteem and self-care. In a personal and compassionate setting, you will learn to live from your true strengths, recognize and manage your symptoms, and gain self-acceptance as you clarify, respect and find your own voice.