Identify Your Strengths To Achieve Harmony And Balance

We all strive for a sense of well-being in our lives. Sometimes when life changes quickly, we feel off balance, perhaps out of control, and we need to transition back to equilibrium. At other times, we feel stale, restless and ready for something different or more meaningful.

Psychotherapy is a positive approach to managing the deep emotional pain and stress that disrupt our lives. Experiences such as loss, personal crises, anxiety, abuse or grief can be debilitating, leaving us feeling powerless, angry, anxious or depressed. However, life’s challenges and losses can also produce opportunities for growth, even through times of sorrow and despair. My goal is to help you identify and build on your strengths, work through negative feelings and establish a sense of well being as you experience life-changing events.

Find the strengths within you to honor yourself and create a consistent sense of peace in your life.

Dr. Ruth Tallakson

Experience Personal Growth

Live from your strengths

Simplify your life

Decrease your level of stress

Strengthen your relationships

Grieve your losses

Balance work and family

Manage time more effectively

Create more time for your family

Manage the family caregiver role

Get organized and have more fun

Improve communication skills

Find Your Voice

Together we’ll change your way of thinking to reinforce positive self-esteem and self-care. In a personal and compassionate setting, you will learn to live from your true strengths, recognize and manage your symptoms, and gain self-acceptance as you clarify, respect and find your own voice.

Through the benefits of psychotherapy, you will:

Learn techniques to reduce anxious and depressing thoughts

Identify strategies to take care of yourself and reduce unhealthy behavior patterns

Understand healthy relationships and begin to heal damaged ones

Practice stress management and relaxation skills

Discover methods to minimize job-related stress

Recover from trauma and loss

Break recurring stressful life patterns

Feel calmer and more in control of yourself and your life

Develop confidence, trust and belief in yourself

Dr. Tallakson is an out-of-network provider.  Check with your insurance company regarding out-of-network provider benefits.