Manage Yourself First

Feeling frustrated at work? Worried how you’ll manage anxiety, how to deal with stress, and still perform efficiently at your job? The first step toward effective stress management is learning how to Manage Yourself First.

What does Manage Yourself First mean?

• Take responsibility for what you think, say and do

• Respect and work through your feelings before you take action

• Focus on what you can control

• Make a plan and check it out with someone you trust

• Act with positive intention

How do these suggestions translate to your specific challenge?

In the coming weeks, we’ll consider diverse stressful work scenarios, offering tips on how to Manage Yourself First so you can improve your stress and anger management skills and gain new perspective.

Dr. Ruth Tallakson has been coaching and consulting for over 10 years, empowering people to tap into their strengths and actualize their goals. Her clients range from individuals who want to enhance their life experience, start a business or fulfill a dream, to Fortune 100 companies where she facilitates performance, growth and change by coaching individuals and groups.

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