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Relieve Stress with Mental Imagery

The photos above are just some examples of places to visit in your mind to reduce stress.  Sit back and watch the photos or move your mouse over an image to pause and reflect on how you might feel if you were in the place pictured.   Let your mind take you into that place, feeling the sights and sounds of the scenery surrounding you.

We’ve all been there – deadlines approaching, constant phone calls, emails piling up waiting for responses.  You feel as if you will never catch up and the pressure is mounting.

By using mental imagery, with just a brief pause in your day you can relieve the pressures of stress caused by these every day demands.

Mental imagery has been used for centuries throughout many cultures to ease pain and alleviate stress.  Learn about how this technique can be applied to reduce your daily stress and reduce anxiety.  Contact me at at 651.647.1001.